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Connect headless wallet to testnet


This article will guide you to connect Hathor headless wallet to testnet.


Hathor headless wallet \ge v0.26.0


  1. Configure headless wallet to connect to testnet.
  2. Obtain HTR tokens on testnet.

Step 1: configure headless wallet to connect to testnet

If you installed your headless wallet from source code, follow these substeps:

  1. Start a shell session.
  2. Change the working directory to <absolute_path_headless>/hathor-wallet-headless/src replacing the <absolute_path_headless> to where you installed the application.
  3. Open the config.js file.
  4. Set testnet as the value for the network key, and '' as the value for the server key:
module.exports = {


network: 'testnet',
server: '',


  1. Restart the application as usual.

Note that your headless wallet will connect to a public full node on testnet. Now, if you want to operate your own full node see Installation of Hathor full node, and set server with your full node's URL.

Step 2: obtain HTR tokens on testnet

Currently, the faucet for Hathor Network's testnet is unavailable. As a result, to obtain HTR tokens for testing your use case on testnet, please send a private message to a Hathor team member on Hathor Discord server.

In your message, say "Hello, I have a use case and need HTR tokens for testing it on testnet. Could you please send X HTR tokens to <your_address>?", replacing <your_address> with the address on testnet you want to receive the tokens.

Task completed

You now have a running instance of Hathor headless wallet on testnet. To know how to operate and use this application, see Hathor headless wallet pathway.