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Upgrade full node


This article will guide you through upgrading a Hathor full node.

We advise operators to upgrade their full nodes whenever Hathor team releases a version with critical modification — i.e., those who address security issues or greatly alter the system's machinery. To follow such releases, see Hathor core release notes.


Having a running version of Hathor core different from the latest one. To see the latest release, see Hathor core release notes.


Here are the common steps to upgrade the full node that connects to Hathor's mainnet. The actual procedures depend on your infrastructure, and you should adapt them accordingly:

  1. Keep the same peer.json file. You shall never replace it.
  2. Keep the same directory with the blockchain database.
  3. Replace Hathor core with the target version. You can use the source code at Hathor core release notes or the Docker image file at hathornetwork/hathor-core.
  4. Run the node exactly as you used to run it before. To remember how, see Hathor full node installing section.

Additional tips

The previous procedure presumes that your full node is synced with Hathor network. If this is not the case, you have the following alternatives:

Task completed

Hathor team will notify node operators to upgrade their full nodes whenever we release a critical version.