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Besides documentation


This article provides a miscellany of resources that you may need in your journey with Hathor.

Main resources



If after consulting the documentation, you still need help to operate or use any software component of Hathor system, send a message to the appropriate channel on Hathor Discord server for assistance from Hathor team and community members.

If you observe an incorrect behavior while using any software component of Hathor system, we encourage you to open an issue to report this failure in its GitHub repository. We also encourage you to open issues to suggest new features you wish to see in this software component.

Please do not open an issue to report a security breach or vulnerability. Instead, follow the guidelines described in the next section for safely reporting, fixing and disclosing security issues.


Hathor Labs has a bounty program to encourage white hat hackers to collaborate in identifying security breaches and vulnerabilities in Hathor system. To know more about this, see Bug bounty program at Immunefi.